No one wants to be injured, but personal injuries are often unavoidable. Slips and falls, assaults, and vehicular accidents can happen at any time. That is why our team of experts at New Jersey Orthopedic Rehab and Pain Management Group in Woodbridge, NJ provides a variety of safe, effective treatment options for personal injuries and other ailments. Our goal is to help you return to a healthy, pain-free life.

What is a personal injury?

A personal injury refers to any injury to your body or mind. These injuries can occur in a variety of different settings, including at home and in public. A personal injury typically means that someone acted in a negligent manner that led to you being injured.

What are some common personal injuries?

At our facility, we treat a variety of personal injuries. This includes slips and falls, auto accidents, assault, and more. These injuries often lead to soft tissue pain, including muscle soreness or spasms, tingling, and numbness. They can also cause headaches, whiplash, back pain, decreased range of motion, tendonitis, shoulder pain, and other conditions.

When do I need treatment for a personal injury?

It is important not to wait to get treatment after an injury. Oftentimes, personal injuries do not present symptoms right away. Even if you don’t feel pain, you can still be suffering from an injury. Leaving injuries untreated can cause them to worsen. Our specialists can detect these ailments early on, so you have a better chance of fully recovering. We also offer neurological testing, so we can determine the severity of your injury.

How can our experts help?

When you first visit us, we will perform a physical exam to look for the cause of your pain and any underlying conditions. Based on our diagnosis, we will create an individualized treatment plan for you. Your rehabilitation might include spine and joint care, specifically for back and neck injuries. We also offer physical therapy and pain management techniques to help you begin on your path to recovery. Your pain management might include alternative medicine. In more severe cases, you may need minimally invasive orthopedic surgery.

Visit Us in Woodbridge, NJ for Personal Injury Rehabilitation

If you have a personal injury, you don’t need to continue suffering. At New Jersey Orthopedic Rehab and Pain Management Group in Woodbridge, NJ, our team of experts provides a wide range of treatments so we can meet the needs of each patient. Whether you have chronic muscle pain or an orthopedic injury, our specialists will find the right pain management and treatment methods for you. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today at (732) 527-0770 to schedule an appointment.