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Suffering from agonizing pain should not be a daily part of your life. Dr. David Adin D.O. and our professional team at New Jersey Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Pain Management Group are here to evaluate, diagnose, and treat bone, muscle, and nerve pain and disorders. We’ll help you meet your health goals by offering the best solution for pain management regardless of the type of pain issue you have. There are various reasons for pain and discomfort. Pain and chronic conditions often occur as a result of an auto accident, workplace injury, personal injury, or sports injury. Our rehabilitation methods are designed to heal the body and get it back to its natural state. We will treat your injury with our comprehensive approach to an accurate diagnosis.

A Sports Injury Is Not an Uncommon Issue

Many of our patients come in with a sports-related injury. This doesn’t just happen to professional athletes only. Recreational sports play is one of the major causes of injury to the back and spine, muscles, bone, and joints. Some sports injuries may be minor, but we also see some severe cases that result in chronic pain. Injuries to the back and neck may require long-term rehabilitation as well as treatments such as massage therapy, spinal adjustments, and compression therapy. We will make recommendations for our patients which will give the treatment option of their choice. An injury that you may not associate with a sports injury is headache. This can be an annoying pain that does not go away by itself. Managing this pain can be easily accomplished. We provide treatments to help manage pain that are safe and effective.

We focus on resolving the inflammation surrounding pain, and releasing pressure on nerves. Our team is experienced in treating muscle and joint dysfunction of our patients who have had a sports injury. We also educate in proper mobility, flexibility, and agility techniques that will help manage pain while also enhancing functionality of the body. A sports injury, or any type injury, does not have to disable you. Proper medical care and pain management will have you on the road to recovery in a short period of time.

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