There are a number of treatment options for any spine and joint issues you may be experiencing. Surgical spine and joint care is common, but there are also non-surgical options. The best way to determine which one is going to be right for you is to work with an orthopedic surgeon who can answer your questions and help you with a treatment plan. If you’re in the Woodbridge area, New Jersey Orthopedic Rehab and Pain Management Group is here to help you with spine and joint care issues.

Why Would You Need Surgical Intervention?

If you have a spine or joint injury that you’re not able to correct through non-surgical means, the only way to heal or repair the damage is through surgery on the affected area. A lot of the time, surgery is required for something in a joint that is torn or that has to be repaired or replaced in order to allow for full range of motion. The elimination of pain is also a part of the decision to have surgery. In some cases, surgery is chosen when other methods have been unsuccessful, as well.

Is Non-Surgical Treatment a Good Option?

Avoiding surgery can be a good thing, but only if the non-surgical option is one that’s truly going to address the problem. If there are still issues after treatment, or if the treatment fails to relieve pain or restore range of motion, it may be better to go through with surgery to alleviate the problems. Still, that doesn’t mean that non-surgical options won’t work or that they shouldn’t be tried first. In some cases, and for some issues, surgical spine and joint care won’t be necessary to resolve the problem or its symptoms.

What Kinds of Questions Should You Ask?

When you’re considering whether you want to explore surgical spine and joint care or whether non-surgical treatment would be better for your needs, make sure you ask your orthopedic surgeon plenty of questions. That will help you make an educated, informed choice about your care. You may not have too many options depending on the type and severity of your injury or condition, but it’s still very valuable to understand what choices you have and what kinds of decisions need to be made.

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If you’re in the Woodbridge area and need spine and joint care, New Jersey Orthopedic Rehab and Pain Management Group is here to help. We want to make sure you clearly understand your options and that you have the best information so you can make the choice that’s right for your needs.