Whether you’ve been in a car accident or injured on the job, your body has to go through the healing process. Sometimes the body is not able to fully heal itself on its own, and unhealed injuries begin contributing to chronic pain. Neurological testing can help you avoid this situation. At New Jersey Orthopedic Rehab and Pain Management Group, we have years of experience helping Woodbridge residents achieve optimal wellness through neurological testing.

What is Neurological Testing?

Neurological testing puts you through a series of motions in front of a physician, such as an orthopedic surgeon, who watches how you move. The physician looks for deficits or inhibitions in your movement that suggest a neurological component. Once the physician has finished their observations, they can more closely determine which nerves are not functioning properly. From there, the physician orders the appropriate diagnostic tests for a more in-depth look at the problem.

The type of neurological tests the doctor orders for you is dependent on the nature, location, and severity of your pain. The nervous system is complex and nerves can act unpredictably. Pain in one part of your body may be caused by a disorder elsewhere. Through neurological testing, we can identify and address the root cause of your discomfort.

How Neurological Testing Helps Find Sources of Pain

The nervous system is one of the more difficult areas of the body to diagnose. Nerves are easily damaged and are known to take a long time to heal. Issues such as tissue inflammation and trapping of the nerves can further impair their ability to heal. Nerves can also refer pain from one area to another, and make it difficult to determine the actual source of the pain. You may have an injury in one area of the body, yet feel pain in another area that is nearby, but wasn’t affected by the impact or injury. Neurological testing zeroes in on the actual source of the pain and makes it easier to chart a course of treatment.

Neurological Testing in Woodbridge, New Jersey

If you believe you would benefit from neurological testing, the wellness professionals at New Jersey Orthopedic Rehab and Pain are ready to assist you. For more information on neurological testing or to schedule an appointment with our orthopedic surgeon, call us at (732) 527-0770.