Neurological surgery involves repair of the spine, brain, or any of the wide array of nerves throughout the body. Neurological injury surgery refers specifically to procedures addressing the damage done as a result of an accident or other trauma to the body. New Jersey Orthopedic Rehab and Pain Management in Woodbridge is the home of some of the state’s finest practitioners.

The most noticeable symptom of nerve damage is usually severe discomfort or pain, although neurological injuries can also impair motor functions. They often cause what many describe as a “buzzing” sensation or an unpleasant tingling. The most common sources of such problems involve damage or inflammation along the spine. Due to the unpredictable nature of accidents and injuries, however, your neurologist will also look for possible trauma to the brain or damage to any other part of the nervous system, wherever it occurs.

Common Causes of Neurological Injury

Automobile accidents are one of the most common sources of severe neurological damage. Because a collision can cause so many different types of damage at once, it’s important to have a neurological specialist examine you as soon as possible after the accident.

Falls in or outside of the home also have the potential to do serious damage, even without immediate outward signs. Sports injuries, especially among young people, are increasingly being recognized as a source of neurological damage as well. Finally, of course, intentional violence of the sort experienced in combat or confrontation can do serious neurological damage.

How Do I Know If I Need Neurological Injury Surgery?

The foundation of any successful treatment is accurate and thorough diagnosis of the problem or problems. Our team of experts perform a full range of assessments in order to determine what is – and what is not – necessary for you to move forward. The diagnostics process may include testing your sensory and motor functions, assessing your mental status and pain levels, measuring your pupillary response to stimulus, and other tests designed to create the most accurate profile possible.

If your condition can be improved without surgery, we will explore those options with you first. The human spine is an amazing bit of biology, but even minor misalignments or other damage can create severe difficulties or cause serious discomfort. Our specialists can often design a treatment plan combining strategic adjustments and physical therapy to quickly get you back to your fullest potential. They can also discuss appropriate medication if necessary. In every situation, we seek the least invasive and most natural solutions first. If surgery is indicated, you will be in the hands of some of the most skilled physicians in New Jersey.

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